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10 Things My Sailboat Taught Me

  1. Patience

Sailboats move slowly. Slow down your life and enjoy the sail.

  1. Communication

Be honest and respectful with your communication. A small boat becomes smaller with disharmony.

  1. Embrace fear

Resistance turns the fear in on itself and gives it strength. Let it move through you like a passing storm.

  1. Community

Help others and they will help you when you need it. There will come a day when you will need help.

  1. Be a sponge

There is always something more to learn. The sailor who thinks he/she knows everything is destined to experience a difficult lesson.

  1. Attachment

There is only so much room on a boat so don’t get attached to things. Take care of the stuff you do have so that it doesn’t have to be replaced.

  1. Repurpose

A small space means using things for more than the intended purpose. Do you really need it? Can it be used for more than one thing?

  1. Rhythm of Nature

Be in awe of the natural rhythm of the earth; this rhythm is delicate. Do not contribute to its imbalance.

  1. Gratitude

Be grateful for a safe passage, a beautiful sunset, a peaceful anchorage – anything that reminds you of your shared connection to source.

  1. Simplify

Life really is simple if you strip away all the crap we get attached to. Live simply. Love completely.

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